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KBB sector debates English, Italian and German kitchens

The KBB (kitchen, bedroom and bathroom) industry has seem much debate, some rather hot, of late in respect of the merits of English and Euro kitchen manufacturing, and whilst we at i-Home Interiors can appreciate the competition is a little stiff for some, it doesn’t have to be the Us and Them attitude that some critics of one brand over another are seemingly suggesting. Wide and Diverse Market Offers... Continue reading

Nobilia German Kitchens – Try Pia

At i-Home Interiors we are passionate about all things kitchens and we love working with our two wee respected manufacturing partners, namely, the brand of Nobilia. Whilst the gloss kitchens from Nobilia are best sellers, and have largely dominated the UK market in recent years, our partner in Nobilia has confirmed that orders for 2013 are currently balancing out towards a 50/50 split between gloss... Continue reading

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