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House Beautiful Kitchen design trends for 2018

Nobilia German Kitchens - Colour Concepts

Whether your current kitchen layout needs renovating, perhaps you are planning a whole new direction or you simply want to refresh a tired colour scheme, according to House Beautiful, Kitchen design in 2018 is all about timber veneers, colour contrasting, texture plus the continued rise of metallics and the ongoing industrial chic look. Whilst at iHome Interiors we have a range of English Made furniture... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens SYLT 847 Honed Alpine White

Nobilia Kitchens SYLT 847 Honed Alpine White

Nobilia Kitchens SYLT 847 Honed Alpine White is German made kitchen available from iHome Kitchens in Buckinghamshire that combines classic looks with the very modern kitchen furniture that Nobilia has to offer. SYLT is a standalone door style from Nobilia that gives todays home owner a perfect combination of the classic charm that exudes from the classic English Shaker style but with all of the modern... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens Inline 551 honed alpine white handle-less


Nobilia Kitchens Inline 551 is a luxurious Lacquered door front in Honed Alpine White to create a stunning handle-less German Kitchen that is new to Nobilia from 2017 onwards. Clean lines, exquisite materials and clearly structured architecture – this is what distinguishes our designer kitchens. The smooth, uncomplicated finishes make quite the impression, even in open-concept kitchens for a straightforward... Continue reading

The White German Kitchen, the colour that started a trend..

Nobilia Laser 427 in Alpine White

White continues to count among the most popular furnishing colours, because White is timelessly beautiful and it just feels great to have in your home interior. White offers balance to the overall design of your kitchen, it is unobtrusive and it makes rooms look and feel larger than they are, owing to its reflective properties, and it continues to outlast the whims and fads of fashionable trends. Furthermore,... Continue reading

Nobilia Laser 427 in Alpine White

Nobilia Laser 427 in Alpine White

White continues to count among the most popular kitchen furnishing colours but why? Well, perhaps its because White is timelessly beautiful, perhaps it is because it elegant and clean, and perhaps just because it feels good to have. White is unobtrusive, it makes rooms look and feel larger, and it outlasts the whims of fashionable trends. In addition, White is incredibly versatile and changeable on... Continue reading

Nobilia Finesse 732 Alpine White

Nobilia Finesse 732 Alpine White

Nobilia Finesse 732 Alpine White is a new style for the 2017 Collection and true to its namesake offers a simple and understated flair and as with any Nobilia kitchen is designed with impressive delicacy and skill. The design of the front could well be called somewhat neo-classic because it has a narrow frame on the outside edge. The Nobilia Finesse is only available in the 732 Alpine White Matt... Continue reading

Nobilia Focus 470 Alpine White Ultra High Gloss German Kitchen

Nobilia Focus 470 Alpine White

Nobilia Focus is a premium lacquered Ultra High Gloss finish door available in several colours such as Alpine White (Focus 470 as shown here) plus Ivory, Mineral Grey, Sand, Premium White a rich Black and new addition, the Black Ultra Gloss and Sanremo Oak Mix to give the modern ‘German’ kitchen buyer much food for thought… The Nobilia Focus door range offers broad appeal to deliver... Continue reading

Laser Plus 480 Premium White and Light Oak Mix

Laser Plus from Nobilia is a German kitchen available in Premium White Grey Oak Plank Reproduction, Mineral Grey and Light Oak or a Premium White and Light Oak Plank Mix 480 as shown here. The Laser Plus can be mixed and matched with other doors and similar colour choices throughout the Nobilia range but as the above photo shows, the mix of Premium White and Light Oak Plank  offers a very contemporary... Continue reading

Nobilia Vetra 953 – Real glass, premium white matt German Kitchen

Vetra from Nobilia is a premium door offering with real glass fronts available in White Gloss 951 or White Matt 953, as seen here. The L-shape kitchen used to demonstrate the Vetra White Matt is contrasted with a chunky breakfast bar and Concrete Reproduction work tops and end panels that give the kitchen an added texture that is carried through to the decorative wall panels which are seen more clearly... Continue reading

Nobilia Laser 416 White German Kitchen

Laser from Nobilia is a slab door style available in Premium White, Sand, Mineral Grey, Satin Grey, Honed Honey, Honed Ivory, Flared Oak Reproduction and as seen here White 416. Above: This L-shape kitchen would work well in an apartment or smaller profile of house where a combined living space of kitchen and lounge makes for a more open plan feel and although the use of the blue decorative panels... Continue reading

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