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Nobilia Kitchens 670 Anthracite Ultra High Gloss Kitchen

Nobilia Kitchens 670 Anthracite

The Xeno door style from Nobilia is a very modern Ultra High Gloss offering available in newly refreshed tones of Xeno 660 Champagne Metallic and as shown here Xeno 670 Anthracite. In this example, the dark Anthracite is contrasted with Sicilian Vintage (marble effect) work surfaces to offer balance to the colour palette. Ultra High Gloss with metallic and/or earthy tones are very much on trend... Continue reading

Nobilia Xeno – a very on trend German kitchen style

Nobilia Xeno German kitchen

Nobilia Xeno is a very on trend German kitchen style that infuses earthy and metallic tones into its ultra high gloss finish. The name, taken from the Greek word xenos, meaning strange or different was first launched in a rich Champagne Metallic Ultra High Gloss (660) and later joined by Anthracite Ultra High Gloss (670) to offer homeowners something different that was considered ahead of the curve... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchen for a customer in Chertsey, Surrey

Nobilia German Kitchens

Shown here for our customers in Chertsey, Surrey is a stunning German kitchen using Nobilia 648 Flash in satin grey combined with 670 Xeno Anthracite ultra high gloss which seamlessly work together to create a fresh, modern German kitchen with character and versatility.. Our customer chose this combination after being recommended to us as specialists in modern and contemporary kitchen design. As our... Continue reading

Nobilia Xeno for a customer kitchen in Hillingdon, Middlesex

Nobilia Xeno - a customer kitchen in Hillingdon, Middlesex

For this latest customer project our client in Hillingdon, Middlesex wanted a very modern gloss German kitchen with an added wow factor with a multi-functional kitchen that would complement the rest of the house. They wanted an open feel to the kitchen that would be used every day for the busy family without them feeling cramped. iHome Kitchens’ Alex worked closely with our customers, initially... Continue reading

Nobilia Xeno 670 Anthracite Ultra High Gloss

Nobilia Xeno 670 Anthracite Ultra High Gloss is a new style of German kitchen available at iHome Interiors. For those that gloss and high gloss don’t offer enough wow factor Xeno is a premium offering from Nobilia and like the Champagne colour choice that was offered with the Xeno door for the last few years, we are certain that the Anthracite will be just as popular, if not more so. Whilst... Continue reading