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Nobilia Riva Somerset Oak 887 – A stunning German Kitchen

Nobilia Riva Somerset Oak German Kitchen

Nobilia Riva Somerset Oak 887 – A stunning German Kitchen showcasing natural elegance and beauty.

With style influences of modern architecture embodying more natural-looking finishes which harmonise perfectly in their environment this design using Riva Somerset Oak ticks all the right boxes.

The Black shelf support poles and handle profiles underscore the modern look and create exciting contrasts.

The above design is open plan and aside from the featured tall bank, or very tall bank given the decorative panelling above the over oven storage, there is no other solid or closed furniture items above counter level.

The eye is drawn to the featured wall, and the use of Riva Somerset Oak to both the large feature island and rear wall, which contains open plan glass shelving.

This design is perfect in such a dynamic and open plan room setting, be that in a combined kitchen and living space in a penthouse apartment with cityscape views, or as an open plan annex to a house fit for Grand Designs.

The wrap around decors to the island are so warm and sumptuous and the Push To Open doors are perfectly complemented by the them to create a stunning use of solid colour and texture.

Nobilia Riva Somerset Oak

Although the architectural design influences of using polished concrete, metallics and other stone surfaces amongst other textured surfaces and materials continues to rise in popularity, in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia and Holland, using natural woods and wood reproductions in a more contemporary manner has made its way into UK homes in recent years.

Riva is one of these door styles that typifies this growing trend and with Riva Somerset Oak, the trend gets another choice that hits the mark perfectly.

Well-dressed – Niche claddings

Niche claddings with motifs are a trendy and practical way to help you create targeted custom accents in the kitchen. Typical kitchen motifs, tiles, mosaic and stone wall décors or motifs with an industrial feel are available, not just Somerset Oak as shown here. For a perfect colour match with the door fronts, the choice is up to you.

Push to Open

The Push To Open doors are the perfect evolution to handle-less design. Although most handle-less doors are very low profile with sleek unbroken lines, the recess channel does break up the door, and is more noticeable with textured surfaces such as Nobilia Riva Somerset Oak. The solution is therefore ‘true handle-less’ were the door slab has no outward obtrusion. You simply push, to activate the hinge and the door opens. Push the door back and the hinge engages and secures the door. Simple and Elegant.

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