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LINE N Nobilia Kitchens

LINE N Nobilia Kitchen

The LINE N kitchen collection from Nobilia kitchens creates a beautifully linear and uniform appearance, enhancing interiors spaces to further develop what a true German handle-less kitchen really is…. The handleless LINE N styles all have a horizontal recess between the door and worktop that seamlessly runs for the entire length of the kitchen resulting in a unobstructed and continuous profile and... Continue reading

Nobilia Primo 671 German Kitchen in Bordeaux High Gloss

Nobilia Primo 671 is a premium handle-less German Kitchen offering in a very rich and sumptuous Bordeaux High Gloss. Primo is a somewhat unique proposition from Nobilia in that it is a door style that has a Limited Edition feel to it. There are door styles that (like any product) are available year in, year out but Primo, perhaps taking influence from the Italian meaning to be first and high quality,... Continue reading

Nobilia Primo 641 White high gloss handle-less German Kitchen

Nobilia has an extensive range of German made handle-less kitchens to choose from and if you are in the market for a white gloss style then Nobilia Primo 641 is a great choice. White gloss handle-less kitchens are to the kitchen industry what the little black dress (lbd) is to the fashion world. It is iconic, simple, and is perfect for any occasion. Whilst the Germans and Nobilia created the white... Continue reading

Nobilia Primo 702 Ivory high gloss handle-less German Kitchen

Nobilia Primo 702 Ivory high gloss handle-less German Kitchen is a luxurious kitchen style for those who want a modern and contemporary handle-less kitchen but prefer the usual white that dominates this style throughout the industry. The Ivory gloss door and drawer fronts add warmth and character to the kitchen and with soft lighting, at night the colour gives off a soft glow that creates a comforting... Continue reading