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Nobilia German Kitchens – Try Pia

At i-Home Interiors we are passionate about all things kitchens and we love working with our two wee respected manufacturing partners, namely, the brand of Nobilia.


Whilst the gloss kitchens from Nobilia are best sellers, and have largely dominated the UK market in recent years, our partner in Nobilia has confirmed that orders for 2013 are currently balancing out towards a 50/50 split between gloss and matt kitchen styles and judging by the showcase photo above, its not difficult to see why.

Nobilia and we at i-Home Interiors agree that what we are likely seeing is that consumers are going into kitchen showrooms and studios having been made aware of gloss kitchens, but once in the showroom/studio are overwhelmingly switching their preference to matt.

The matt kitchen style in Nobilia’s Pia, using a Carbon effect finish, offers richly deep colours and where there is an abundance of natural light, where gloss kitchens may overwhelm the senses, matt kitchens offer far less dazzle and with more and more homeowners opting for extensions to house open plan kitchens, or German kitchens even being used by some high end property developers in modern apartments it is understandable why matt kitchens have has such a surge in popularity of late.

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