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Nobilia RIVA 888 Dakota Oak German Kitchen

Nobilia RIVA 888 Dakota oak German Kitchen

Nobilia RIVA 888 Dakota Oak is a new door style that has everything on offer that a kitchen should. In the above showroom setting or in an apartment with a fraction of the space RIVA 888 Dakota Oak comes into its own, with its warmth and vibrancy. It’s textured wood effect door front brings a wealth of natural character into your interior space. Riva is also available in RIVA 887 Somerset Oak,... Continue reading

Riva 889 Concrete Slate Grey Nobilia kitchen

Nobilia RIVA 889 German Kitchen

Nobilia Riva 889 Concrete Slate Grey Reproduction is a fantastic example of how the modern German kitchen has evolved from just high gloss finishes to incorporate textured door fronts such as ceramics, metallics, woods and industrially influenced styles such as Riva 889 Concrete Slate Grey shown here. Clean lines, exquisite materials and clearly structured architecture – these are the distinguishing... Continue reading

Nobilia Riva 896 Montana Pine Kitchen

Nobilia Riva 896 Montana Pine Kitchen

Riva is a textured door finish from Nobilia and shown here is Riva 896 Montana Pine which is proving to be a very popular choice, with its semi-industrial chic and washed natural overtone fusion that has been expertly designed to offer a modern and contemporary feel which moves away from solid high gloss monochrome colours for which German kitchens are so well known for. The Riva range comes in Montana... Continue reading

LINE N Nobilia Kitchens

LINE N Nobilia Kitchen

The LINE N kitchen collection from Nobilia kitchens creates a beautifully linear and uniform appearance, enhancing interiors spaces to further develop what a true German handle-less kitchen really is…. The handleless LINE N styles all have a horizontal recess between the door and worktop that seamlessly runs for the entire length of the kitchen resulting in a unobstructed and continuous profile and... Continue reading

Nobilia Riva Concrete Grey 892

Nobilia Riva Concrete Grey 892

Nobilia Riva is a new style of kitchen that is a direct response to consumer demand for a fusion of urban and earthy materials and colour choices which have been influenced and inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian interior design, with the reproduction of materials such as concrete, slate and wood to offer more textured and layered visuals. Available in Montana Pine 896, Sanremo Oak 893, Ontario Oak... Continue reading

Nobilia Riva Beech 895 German made kitchen

Nobilia Riva Beech 895

Nobilia Riva is a new style of kitchen that reproduces textured materials to offer superior depth to the visual aesthetics. Influenced by Nordic and Scandinavian interior design and architecture Riva offers the modern German kitchen buyer something uniquely different and fun. Shown here in Iconic Beech 895 and also available in Montana Pine 896, Sanremo Oak 893, Ontario Oak 894, and Concrete Grey 892... Continue reading

Nobilia Riva 894 Ontario Oak Reproduction German Made Kitchen

Nobilia Riva 894 Ontario Oak Reproduction German Kitchen from iHome Interiors is a textured finish kitchen style in five finishes including Concrete Grey, Sanremo Oak, Iconic Beech, Montana Pine and (as shown here) Ontario Oak. Nobilia has advanced its range of textured finishes in recent years and whilst the German staples of white gloss and white gloss handle-less kitchen styles are still a popular... Continue reading

Nobilia Riva 893 Sanremo Oak Handle-less German Kitchen

The Riva style of German kitchen from Nobilia is a wood reproduction, handle-less German Kitchen and is available in two choices, namely Sanremo Oak as seen here and also Montana Pine. Handle-less kitchens are a signature style of the German kitchen brands and Noblia has done much over the years to offer home owners more and more choice in making their kitchens ever more bespoke and personal as practically... Continue reading

Nobilia Laser417 and Riva896 – a mix of Satin Grey and Sanremo Oak

The Nobilia range of German kitchens is extensive, more so when you factor in the versatility of the choices on offer when you mix and match. Shown here is Nobilia’s Laser417 & Riva896 which are showcased in a subtle mix of Sanremo Oak Reproduction with the Riva style and Satin Grey via the Laser style. Above: The modern kitchen bench seating and table are also available from Nobilia and as pretty... Continue reading

Riva 893 Sanremo Oak Reproduction German Kitchen

Riva from Nobilia is a Reproduction German Kitchen available at iHome Interiors in two colours tones of Sanremo Oak and Montana Pine Practically everything you see in these photos is factory supplied from Nobilia which allows iHome Interiors to accessorise and tailor the design around our customers styling preferences with ease. Above: Matching end panels and worktop also in Nobilia’s Sanremo Oak... Continue reading