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Nobilia Kitchens Inline 551 honed alpine white handle-less


Nobilia Kitchens Inline 551 is a luxurious Lacquered door front in Honed Alpine White to create a stunning handle-less German Kitchen that is new to Nobilia from 2017 onwards. Clean lines, exquisite materials and clearly structured architecture – this is what distinguishes our designer kitchens. The smooth, uncomplicated finishes make quite the impression, even in open-concept kitchens for a straightforward... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens 670 Anthracite Ultra High Gloss Kitchen

Nobilia Kitchens 670 Anthracite

The Xeno door style from Nobilia is a very modern Ultra High Gloss offering available in newly refreshed tones of Xeno 660 Champagne Metallic and as shown here Xeno 670 Anthracite. In this example, the dark Anthracite is contrasted with Sicilian Vintage (marble effect) work surfaces to offer balance to the colour palette. Ultra High Gloss with metallic and/or earthy tones are very much on trend... Continue reading

LINE N Nobilia Kitchens new addition Riva Concrete Slate Grey

Riva 889 Concrete Slate Grey Line N

Clean lines, exquisite materials and clearly structured architecture – these are the distinguishing marks of our LINE N designer kitchens. Our extensive assortment of smooth, flawless surfaces enable you to customise your small or large lifestyle German handle-less kitchen kitchen to your preferences. Connoisseurs of puristic design are well-served with our handle- less LINE N kitchens. Here, the... Continue reading

The White German Kitchen, the colour that started a trend..

Nobilia Laser 427 in Alpine White

White continues to count among the most popular furnishing colours, because White is timelessly beautiful and it just feels great to have in your home interior. White offers balance to the overall design of your kitchen, it is unobtrusive and it makes rooms look and feel larger than they are, owing to its reflective properties, and it continues to outlast the whims and fads of fashionable trends. Furthermore,... Continue reading

A look at Nobilia Schiefergrau, aka Nobilia Touch 334 in Slate Grey Supermatt


For 2018 the storage and decorative styling options for Nobilia German kitchens are second to none and as evident in the new 2018 Nobilia Brochure, there are even more earthy, urban and metallic colour tones to choose from, as shown here with a run down of some options available using Nobilia Schiefergrau, otherwse known as Nobilia Touch 334 in Slate Grey Supermatt  The storage-packed kitchen and... Continue reading

Nobilia Steel and Stone for a very on-trend German kitchen

If you are looking to enhance your next kitchen design with a more industrial urban chic or perhaps a professional looking kitchen then Nobilia Steel and Stone are on hand for a very on-trend German kitchen for that architect designed look and feel. The reproduction of surfaces and materials such as concrete, stone, steel and the like is very on trend as they offer a more textured feel to the room... Continue reading

Nobilia kitchens smart cube storage – functional and fun storage

Nobilia kitchens smart cube storage

Fun and Functional is the new Nobilia kitchens Smartcube shelf unit system. It opens up fascinating design possibilities in contemporary style to merge the lines between functional storage and decorative storage. With Smartcube, kitchens take on a more open and inviting design. They can also be used to beautifully stage adjacent living areas. Smartcube shelf units are available as wall and base unit... Continue reading

Want an extra 10% to your Nobilia Kitchen?


If you have always fancied a German made Nobilia kitchen but felt like you needed more of it, you will be pleased to learn that for 2018, the Nobilia XL kitchen system offers just that… The decision for a new fitted kitchen depends upon many different factors. Individualised kitchen planning must take the various facets into consideration. Upon viewing the iHome showroom to see Nobilia kitchens... Continue reading

Riva 889 Concrete Slate Grey Nobilia kitchen

Nobilia RIVA 889 German Kitchen

Nobilia Riva 889 Concrete Slate Grey Reproduction is a fantastic example of how the modern German kitchen has evolved from just high gloss finishes to incorporate textured door fronts such as ceramics, metallics, woods and industrially influenced styles such as Riva 889 Concrete Slate Grey shown here. Clean lines, exquisite materials and clearly structured architecture – these are the distinguishing... Continue reading

Nobilia SYLT 851 Honed Black Lacquer

Nobilia SYLT 851 Honed Black Lacquer

With Nobilia SYLT 851 Honed Black Lacquer the contrast between contemporary architecture and cottage style kitchens is exploited with effortless appeal that is currently right on trend. The traditional cottage style presentation discreetly stays in the background of this sample kitchen, while elements of modern industrial design take centre stage. The use of the Shaker style door fronts combined with... Continue reading

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