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Avant Alabaster English made Gloss Kitchen from iHome

Avant Alabaster English Gloss Kitchen

Clean lines and fuss-free, the Avant slab door design is perfectly smooth and flat and shows that for a good contemporary kitchen, English made can be just as good as the Europeans.    Avant Alabaster is a subtle shade of white with its name having origins in the mineral of gypsum, albeit in a  lightly-tinted variety and as such Alabaster is a great colour choice for when brilliant white may... Continue reading

Nobilia Xeno – a very on trend German kitchen style

Nobilia Xeno German kitchen

Nobilia Xeno is a very on trend German kitchen style that infuses earthy and metallic tones into its ultra high gloss finish. The name, taken from the Greek word xenos, meaning strange or different was first launched in a rich Champagne Metallic Ultra High Gloss (660) and later joined by Anthracite Ultra High Gloss (670) to offer homeowners something different that was considered ahead of the curve... Continue reading

Nobilia Credo Savannah 766

Nobilia Credo Savannah 766

The Nobilia Credo door from Nobilia has been a welcomed new addition to the Nobilia German kitchen range over the past couple of years and whilst it was a popular choice during 2015 in Alpine White (764) and Slate Grey (765) its recent addition in  Savannah 766 is also proving to be a hit. Shown here with Driftwood decors, end panels and worktop and matching Nobilia Credo Savannah 766 carcase colours... Continue reading

Nobilia Riva 896 Montana Pine Kitchen

Nobilia Riva 896 Montana Pine Kitchen

Riva is a textured door finish from Nobilia and shown here is Riva 896 Montana Pine which is proving to be a very popular choice, with its semi-industrial chic and washed natural overtone fusion that has been expertly designed to offer a modern and contemporary feel which moves away from solid high gloss monochrome colours for which German kitchens are so well known for. The Riva range comes in Montana... Continue reading

Nobilia Lux 838 Sand High Gloss

Nobilia Lux 838 Sand High Gloss

Nobilia Lux is a slab door with a sumptuously rich high gloss lacquer shown here in the recent addition of Lux 838 Sand High Gloss and also available in Satin Grey 819 High Gloss, Alpine White 817, White 814, Ivory 816,  Slate Grey 828, and Magma 828 all in the same rich high gloss lacquer to give a quality finish full of depth, character, rich tones and subtle hues. 838 Sand High Gloss as shown... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens 670 Anthracite Ultra High Gloss Kitchen

Nobilia Kitchens 670 Anthracite

The Xeno door style from Nobilia is a very modern Ultra High Gloss offering available in newly refreshed tones of Xeno 660 Champagne Metallic and as shown here Xeno 670 Anthracite. In this example, the dark Anthracite is contrasted with Sicilian Vintage (marble effect) work surfaces to offer balance to the colour palette. Ultra High Gloss with metallic and/or earthy tones are very much on trend... Continue reading

Nobilia Finesse 732 Alpine White

Nobilia Finesse 732 Alpine White

Nobilia Finesse 732 Alpine White is a new style for the 2017 Collection and true to its namesake offers a simple and understated flair and as with any Nobilia kitchen is designed with impressive delicacy and skill. The design of the front could well be called somewhat neo-classic because it has a narrow frame on the outside edge. The Nobilia Finesse is only available in the 732 Alpine White Matt... Continue reading

Nobilia Touch 337 Aqua Super Matt Nobilia Kitchen

Nobilia Touch 337 Aqua Super Matt is German made kitchen available from iHome Kitchens in Buckinghamshire, shown here with Paladina Marble worktop and decors and contrasting Alpine White door fronts above the counter so as to create a colourful and vibrant kitchen. Also available in Alpine White Supermatt (332), Slate Grey Supermatt (334), Ivory Supermatt (336) and Satin Grey Supermatt, Aqua Supermatt... Continue reading

Nobilia Touch 898 Ontario and Savannah Super Matt

Nobilia Touch German Kitchen

Nobilia Touch 898 Ontario and Savannah Super Matt is a perfect demonstration of how versatile the furniture range is. Touch is available in 15 colour choices and whilst Ontario Oak and Savannah Supermatt are very attractive as standalone colour choices, they combine effortlessly (as shown here) to create a soft and textured mix of colour and texture. In this example design the Savannah Supermatt is... Continue reading

RIO 698 Oak Provence reproduction Nobilia Kitchen

The Rio door style from Nobilia is a textured finish door recreating woods such as Virginia Oak,  Nautical Pine and as shown here Oak Provence that combine so as to offer the modern home owner and kitchen designer some different options via the wood effect finishes as an alternative to solid colour gloss and matt finishes that are very on trend at present. In this example kitchen which has a larger... Continue reading

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