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RIO 666 Virginia oak reproduction Nobilia Kitchen

Nobilia Rio 666

The Rio door style from Nobilia is a textured finish door recreating the finishes of woods such as Virginia Oak (as shown here) plus Nautical Pine and Oak Provence that offer the modern kitchen buyer three contrasting wood tones as an alternative to solid colour finishes. Whilst the Virginia oak reproduction finish has been continued through much of the kitchen, including to the work surfaces, end... Continue reading

Nobilia Focus 470 Alpine White Ultra High Gloss German Kitchen

Nobilia Focus 470 Alpine White

Nobilia Focus is a premium lacquered Ultra High Gloss finish door available in several colours such as Alpine White (Focus 470 as shown here) plus Ivory, Mineral Grey, Sand, Premium White a rich Black and new addition, the Black Ultra Gloss and Sanremo Oak Mix to give the modern ‘German’ kitchen buyer much food for thought… The Nobilia Focus door range offers broad appeal to deliver... Continue reading

Nobilia Touch 335 Savannah Super Matt German Kitchen

Nobilia Touch 335 Savannah Super Matt

Nobilia Touch 335 Savannah Super Matt is German made kitchen available from iHome Kitchens in Buckinghamshire, shown here with Paladina Marble decors and matching carcase colours the overall finish is one of harmonious warmth and character. Gentle colours from nature are a perfect fit for those who prefer a more subtle look. Combined with natural-look wood finishes, these colours are in line with... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens Inline 551 honed alpine white handle-less

Nobilia Kitchens Inline 551 is a luxurious Lacquered door front in Honed Alpine White to create a stunning handle-less German Kitchen that is new to Nobilia from 2017 onwards. Clean lines, exquisite materials and clearly structured architecture – this is what distinguishes our designer kitchens. The smooth, uncomplicated finishes make quite the impression, even in open-concept kitchens for a straightforward... Continue reading

Nobilia Riva 891 White Concrete Line N German Kitchen

Nobilia Riva 891 White Concrete

Concrete has the reputation of being cold and uncomfortable but we beg to differ and so do the many homeowners whom have opted for a more industrial look to their kitchen as Nobilia has responded to consumer demand in releasing Nobilia Riva 891 White Concrete Line N German Kitchen for 2017. The White concrete reproduction décor in this design brings a subtle, warm colouring to the minimalistic, cool... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens Fashion 171 Honed Satin Grey

Nobilia Kitchens Fashion 171

The Nobilia Kitchens Fashion 171 in Honed Satin Grey is a new style from the Nobilia Line N range, featuring a horizontal recess between the door and worktop that seamlessly runs for the entire length of the kitchen door or drawer resulting in a unobstructed and continuous profile to offer a truly handle-less German kitchen. Also available in Honed Alpine White (168) Nobilia’s Fashion is just... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens Fashion 168 in Honed Alpine White

Nobilia Fashion Honed Alpine White

Nobilia Kitchens Fashion 168 in Honed Alpine White is a new addition to the Nobilia range. Featuring stainless steel railing handles, End Grain Oak worktops and surfaces and darkened glass inserts to the doors, this very modern German kitchen is a fine example of what can be achieved with the versatile Nobilia Kitchens modular furniture system. At iHome Interiors we tailor our kitchen designs around... Continue reading

Nobilia Line N Laser 413 Mineral Grey Handle-less German Kitchen

Nobilia Laser 413 Mineral Grey Handle-less kitchen

The LINE N kitchen collection from Nobilia kitchens creates a beautifully linear and uniform appearance, enhancing interiors spaces to further develop what a true German handle-less kitchen really is, and shown here is the Line N Laser 413 in Mineral Grey. The handleless LINE N styles all have a horizontal recess between the door and worktop that seamlessly runs for the entire length of the kitchen... Continue reading

Milbourne Painted Shaker Style English Made Kitchen

Milbourne Painted, shown here in a few sample colours is a classic English Shaker style kitchen from iHome Kitchens and Interiors of Marlow. Above: shown in white, with the only contrast being natural tones to the work surfaces, chairs, splash back and shelving, this solid colour offers a subdued and cleaner feel to the kitchen. Below: Milbourne Painted is shown here with a mix of Alabaster to the... Continue reading

Milbourne Charcoal Contemporary English made Kitchen

Milbourne is a range of classic shaker styled English made kitchens with a modern and contemporary design influence, available from iHome Kitchens & Interiors of Little Marlow in Buckinghamshire. Milbourne Charcoal as shown here is a compact kitchen yet which features a practical sized island for food preparation and dining.  Open shelving further adds to the practicality and the use of a clear... Continue reading

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