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Nobilia Speed 206 Ivory Soft Matt German Kitchen

Nobilia Speed is a door style available in Ivory Softmatt 206 as shown here with stainless steel handles, in addition to Premium White, Montana Pine, Sanremo Oak, Satin Grey and White Softmatt. The above photo shows just what can be achieved with Nobilia kitchen furniture as the Ivory is continued throughout the kitchen and in addition to the unit doors and drawer fronts, both the main worktop and... Continue reading

Nobilia Rio 664 Basalt Oak German Kitchen

RIO 664 Basalt oak synchronous pore finish reproduction is a new German kitchen style from Nobilia, available at iHome Interiors. Available in Nautical Pine, Virgina Oak, Oak Provence, Basalt Oak and Flared Oak, the Rio Wood Reproduction style of modern and contemporary German kitchens are perfect for those whom love the modern and Germanic approach to kitchen design and furniture manufacturing but... Continue reading

Nobilia Laser 417 Satin Grey German Kitchen

The Laser door from Nobilia is a matt finish, handle-less kitchen offering which is available in White, Honed Ivory, Mineral Grey, Sand, Premium White and also Satin Grey (shown here). As evidenced above, the profile of this modern German kitchen is slim, despite the island and breakfast bar. The island is slender with a single under counter unit configuration allowing for four base units and a slender... Continue reading

Nobilia Flash 456 Midnight Blue High Gloss German Kitchen

Nobilia Flash is a high gloss German kitchen door style available in White, Ivory, Satin Grey, a rich Red and new to Nobilia and shown here, Midnight Blue (456) Midnight Blue, paired here with White (the tall bank and oven housing) and the glass doors to the wall units in the far corner make for a rich and sumptuous colour tone that with the high gloss delivery offering its reflective and space enhancing... Continue reading

Nobilia Lux 816 Ivory High Gloss handle-less German Kitchen

Nobilia Lux 816 Ivory High Gloss is a warm and inviting door for a modern and contemporary kitchen style with German made furniture from Nobilia and is just at home in a large foot print London townhouse, or small studio apartment. The Ivory gloss door and drawer fronts add warmth and character and the Ivory is used here in solid colour form for the doors in this example design, with the additional... Continue reading

Nobilia Primo 641 White high gloss handle-less German Kitchen

Nobilia has an extensive range of German made handle-less kitchens to choose from and if you are in the market for a white gloss style then Nobilia Primo 641 is a great choice. White gloss handle-less kitchens are to the kitchen industry what the little black dress (lbd) is to the fashion world. It is iconic, simple, and is perfect for any occasion. Whilst the Germans and Nobilia created the white... Continue reading

Nobilia Primo 702 Ivory high gloss handle-less German Kitchen

Nobilia Primo 702 Ivory high gloss handle-less German Kitchen is a luxurious kitchen style for those who want a modern and contemporary handle-less kitchen but prefer the usual white that dominates this style throughout the industry. The Ivory gloss door and drawer fronts add warmth and character to the kitchen and with soft lighting, at night the colour gives off a soft glow that creates a comforting... Continue reading

Nobilia Riva 893 Sanremo Oak Handle-less German Kitchen

The Riva style of German kitchen from Nobilia is a wood reproduction, handle-less German Kitchen and is available in two choices, namely Sanremo Oak as seen here and also Montana Pine. Handle-less kitchens are a signature style of the German kitchen brands and Noblia has done much over the years to offer home owners more and more choice in making their kitchens ever more bespoke and personal as practically... Continue reading

Nobilia Laser 413 Handle-less German Kitchen in Mineral Grey

Laser from Nobilia is a slab door style available in hande-less and the colours of Premium White, Sand, White, Satin Grey, Honed Honey, Honed Ivory, Flared Oak Reproduction and as seen here Handle-less Mineral Grey 413. Mineral Grey is a new colour from Nobilia that has been specifically formulated to cater for customer demand, where matt and satin greys and anthracites are becoming increasingly popular... Continue reading

Handle-less German kitchens from Nobilia – Timeless Classic?

Whilst the Shaker is the epitome of the ‘Classic English Kitchen’, for German kitchens that honour is held by the white gloss handle-less kitchen and it was Nobilia that was one of the early leaders of this style which has remained on-trend for more than 20 years. (above photo: Nobilia Lux – The now Classic ‘White Gloss Handle-less Kitchen) Timeless Classic in the making? But whilst there are... Continue reading

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