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Nobilia Laser 416 White German Kitchen

Laser from Nobilia is a slab door style available in Premium White, Sand, Mineral Grey, Satin Grey, Honed Honey, Honed Ivory, Flared Oak Reproduction and as seen here White 416. Above: This L-shape kitchen would work well in an apartment or smaller profile of house where a combined living space of kitchen and lounge makes for a more open plan feel and although the use of the blue decorative panels... Continue reading

Lux from Nobilia, a High Gloss handle-less German Kitchen

Lux from Nobilia is a High Gloss German Kitchen available at iHome Interiors in colours such as Alpine White, White, Ivory, Satin Grey, Slate Grey, Magma and Sand, all in Nobilia’s sumptuous high gloss lacquer to give a quality finish full of depth and rich colour tones Shown here in a rich Satin Grey High Gloss this handle-less kitchen style is the ‘go to’ style for those wanting on-trend, class... Continue reading

Nobilia Laser417 and Riva896 – a mix of Satin Grey and Sanremo Oak

The Nobilia range of German kitchens is extensive, more so when you factor in the versatility of the choices on offer when you mix and match. Shown here is Nobilia’s Laser417 & Riva896 which are showcased in a subtle mix of Sanremo Oak Reproduction with the Riva style and Satin Grey via the Laser style. Above: The modern kitchen bench seating and table are also available from Nobilia and as pretty... Continue reading

Riva 893 Sanremo Oak Reproduction German Kitchen

Riva from Nobilia is a Reproduction German Kitchen available at iHome Interiors in two colours tones of Sanremo Oak and Montana Pine Practically everything you see in these photos is factory supplied from Nobilia which allows iHome Interiors to accessorise and tailor the design around our customers styling preferences with ease. Above: Matching end panels and worktop also in Nobilia’s Sanremo Oak... Continue reading

Nobilia Vetra 951 – Real glass, premium white gloss German Kitchen

Nobilia Vetra 951 is a Real glass, premium white gloss German Kitchen available from iHome Kitchens of Buckinghamshire Shown here with Slate decorative features offering contrast to the premium white gloss doors, Vetra is a classic, somewhat uber German Gloss Kitchen. The footprint of the kitchen in this photo is quite open plan and with ample storage but Vetra is versatile enough to work in most room... Continue reading

Nobilia Nova 854 Warm Stone high gloss German kitchen

The Nobilia Nova 854 Warm Stone high gloss German kitchen is representative of the marked shift in tastes of modern kitchen buyers, and whilst the monochromes of white and black gloss will never go out of fashion, Warm Stone gives an earthy and inviting tone choice, which (as per any Nobilia German made kitchen) is available with a whole host of furniture, storage and both creative and decorative options.... Continue reading

Nobilia Alba 679 White German Made Kitchen

The Nobilia Alba door comes with subtle detailing and two soft colours choices, in either White (679 seen here), or Vanilla (550). With Carbon Metallic work surfaces, including an informal breakfast bar dinning area, this modern German kitchen design works well with the Alba door and contrasting metallic tones, and the washed out effect laminate flooring and darker toned wall coverings only enhance... Continue reading

Nobilia Flair 424, for those who want traditional German kitchens

Whilst it is fair to say that the German kitchens the UK market are more familiar with would be the modern and modular styles, like the Speed, Pia or Highlight doors, Nobilia don’t just make modern styled kitchens, as we can see here with the door style in Flair 424. The shaker style is a fond kitchen style amongst UK kitchen buying homeowners but for those who would prefer something traditional... Continue reading

Nobilia Duo 333 White Matt Handle-less German kitchen

Nobilia’s Duo 333 door is available in a matt white finish, very different to the usual popular Gloss or High Gloss door. This handle-less German kitchen door style offers clean lines and swatches of matt white colour which are very on trend. However, the matt white can be paired with colour and texture and as seen here certain earth tones can help to compliment the matt tones perfectly and looks... Continue reading

Nobilia German Kitchens – Try Pia

At i-Home Interiors we are passionate about all things kitchens and we love working with our two wee respected manufacturing partners, namely, the brand of Nobilia. Whilst the gloss kitchens from Nobilia are best sellers, and have largely dominated the UK market in recent years, our partner in Nobilia has confirmed that orders for 2013 are currently balancing out towards a 50/50 split between gloss... Continue reading

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