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Hamble Natural Oak, 90mm Solid European Oak Classic Kitchen

Hamble Natural Oak is testimony to creativity and skilled craftsmanship.  Considered design ideas focus attention on the natural characteristics and beauty of the solid timber framing of this shaker style kitchen. 90mm Solid European Oak framing with feature end grain square plugs and solid feature drawer fronts have central end grain detail running through, as evident in the photos showcasing the... Continue reading

Petworth Natural Oak Timber, a Classic English Kitchen

A luxurious in-frame kitchen design, Petworth combines wonderfully crafted cabinetry with the organic beauty of a natural oak finish.  Personalise your design and create desirable points of interest with the many creatively designed accessories. As the photos show, Petworth Natural Oak is a warm timber kitchen style and the large floor space available in these photos goes to show how Petworth can... Continue reading

Kinsale Natural Oak – a Classic, Solid Oak English Shaker

Kinsale Natural Oak - a Classic, Solid Oak English Shaker

Made entirely from solid oak, the Kinsale kitchen is for style savvy homeowners who recognise that classic designs endure the test of time.  Take advantage of our ability to make non-standard door sizes and the host of imaginative accessories to design a kitchen to your exact requirements. Made with a 90mm Solid European Oak framing and Solid European Oak raised & fielded centre panel with both... Continue reading

Kemble Natural Oak – Classic English Kitchen

Kemble Natural Oak - Classic English Kitchen

Effortlessly stylish, the beautiful Kemble Natural Oak with a natural oak timber finish and graining is seen to its best effect in the grooved centre panel and angled frame design. Coupled with a host of inspiring accessories, the overall effect makes for an elegant yet homely range. Kemble Natural Oak features a 90mm Solid European Oak framing with a veneered centre panel to give a light timber style... Continue reading

Buxton Alabaster, a Classic English Kitchen from iHome

Buxton Alabaster, a Classic English Kitchen from iHome

Buxton Alabaster, from iHome Interiors is a delightfully timeless kitchen and its considered design gives the clever impression of a high-class in-frame style and the smooth touch alabaster foil provides a genuine painted effect whilst ensuring durability. Alabaster is a wonderful and smooth shade of white that has Earthy undertones and as such is a perfect colour tone in Classic kitchens such as Buxton,... Continue reading

Erin Natural Character Oak, Classic English Charm

Lovers of timber, with all its superb individuality and undeniable quality will adore Erin Natural Oak.  Combining a chunky shaker style frame with character oak, this kitchen cleverly maximises the beauty of unaltered timber. With a 110mm solid Character Oak frame and veneered Character Oak flat centre panel the Erin door is perfect for those who want wood grain over painted surfaces for their Shaker... Continue reading

Landsdowne Natural Maple – a Classic, Solid Timber Kitchen

Landsdowne Natural Maple - a Classic, Solid Timber Kitchen

No other timber can hold a candle to the magnificence of North American “rock maple”.  Sumptuously wide frames and a plethora of stylish features make the Lansdowne kitchen an unashamedly bold statement. With a 110mm Solid Maple frame Lansdowne Natural Maple is a little more towards the contemporary end of Classic kitchens were the designs lean towards a more modern feel. With a vast array of... Continue reading

Cambridge Alabaster, Classic and Quaint Charm

Cambridge Alabaster couples appealing smooth touch alabaster foil with the traditional styling of a grooved panel door, via its router design & vertical grooves. The traditional style of Cambridge Alabaster is perfectly finished with equally traditional accessories in these example photos and everything from the solid wood pilasters, matching plate and bottle racks to the aged iron handles only... Continue reading

Modern Classics in English Made Kitchens from 1909

Available from iHome Interiors of Buckinghamshire are the beautiful 1909 classic English made kitchens for those whom prefer traditional and classic styles, but modern attention to detail and kitchen planning, and this Half Pencil & Scalloped, Charcoal, Partridge Grey and Chalk is one of many options that can be crafted from the available 24 colour options… The most detailed of our three... Continue reading

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