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nobilia Collection 2017 nobilia sets the tone

LINE N Nobilia Kitchen

With 20 New fronts, a broadly expanded Color Concept range and seven additional niche claddings with motifs: True to the motto “nobilia sets the tone,” the company once again ignites a fireworks display of new products and ideas for individual storytelling in the kitchen… Whether popular bronze tones or architecturally-influenced concrete looks, modern- classic charm or contemporary... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchen for a customer in Chertsey, Surrey

Nobilia German Kitchens

Shown here for our customers in Chertsey, Surrey is a stunning German kitchen using Nobilia 648 Flash in satin grey combined with 670 Xeno Anthracite ultra high gloss which seamlessly work together to create a fresh, modern German kitchen with character and versatility.. Our customer chose this combination after being recommended to us as specialists in modern and contemporary kitchen design. As our... Continue reading

Nobilia Flash Kitchen Style for a customer in Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Our client lives very local to our Marlow showroom and had heard about us through word of mouth so they decided to visit our showroom to see our Nobilia German kitchens up close. The brief was very simple, they were looking for a complete kitchen refurbishment albeit with a like for like layout to the existing kitchen footprint but replacing their tired old kitchen wit a modern clean white high gloss... Continue reading

Nobilia Line N Kitchen in Matt Sand Laser for a customer in Marlow

For this customer kitchen our customer’s from Marlow in Buckinghamphire had a simple brief.  Their old kitchen was very dated and had minimal worktop space and as such our customers wanted a more modern, sleek design with better use of the available space which offered very high quality kitchen furniture that would also be easy to keep and maintain. Our kitchen consultant, Ian, worked with them... Continue reading

Nobilia Xeno for a customer kitchen in Hillingdon, Middlesex

Nobilia Xeno - a customer kitchen in Hillingdon, Middlesex

For this latest customer project our client in Hillingdon, Middlesex wanted a very modern gloss German kitchen with an added wow factor with a multi-functional kitchen that would complement the rest of the house. They wanted an open feel to the kitchen that would be used every day for the busy family without them feeling cramped. iHome Kitchens’ Alex worked closely with our customers, initially... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens – Cottage 936 Nautical Pine Reproduction

Nobilia Kitchens - Cottage 936 Nautical Pine

Nobilia Kitchens are well known for the modern and contemporary German made kitchens that they are were styles like gloss, handle-less, and even real glass door frontals are in high demand from the UK homeowner but Nobilia Cottage something different altogether… The Nobilia Cottage design features finishes such as White and Ivory plus the new additions to the range in textured wood reproductions... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens – Cottage 931 Sanremo Oak

Nobilia Cottage 931 Sanremo Oak

Cottage 931 Sanremo Oak reproduction from Nobilia Kitchen is a very modern take on the classic English shaker. Available in classic White or Ivory finishes the Cottage style is a fine interpretation of a much loved English classic but the new additions of Virginia Oak, Nautical Pine and as shown here Sanremo Oak are becoming increasingly popular for those whom prefer a fusion of classic and contemporary... Continue reading

Nobilia Kitchens – Cottage 929 Virginia Oak

Nobilia Kitchens - Cottage 929 Virginia Oak

Nobilia Kitchens Cottage 929 Virginia Oak reproduction  is a very modern take on the classic English shaker for those whom desire a fusion of classic and contemporary styling influences with the best that modern German kitchen furniture has to offer. Natural flair. A composition for genuine classic connoisseurs, whereby everything has been thought of and nothing is missing: with a ingeniously designed... Continue reading

Cottage 926 White Nobilia German Kitchen

Nobilia Kitchens - Cottage 926 White

The Nobilia Kitchen ‘Cottage’ 926 in White is a modern shaker style kitchen that combines both classic and contemporary styling influences delivered in partnership with the modern German made kitchen solutions you would expect to be on offer from Nobilia. Cottage is perfect for the kitchen buyer with a passion for the English shaker but who wants the soft close doors, the modern worktops... Continue reading

Nobilia York Genuine Wood, Lacquered Satin Grey 901

Nobilia York Genuine Wood, Lacquered Satin Grey 901

Nobilia York Genuine Wood, Lacquered Satin Grey 901 kitchen is a genuine wood door style with a sumptuous lacquered Satin Grey finish and offered as an alternative for the traditional German kitchen customer, namely someone who wants the classic English shaker style kitchen using real wood. York is a standalone modern and contemporary take on the kitchen style that the German brands have traditionally... Continue reading

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