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With Nobilia German kitchens you can have an electric slicer drawer!

Nobilia German Kitchens Electric drawer slicer

With Nobilia German kitchens there is little that surprises us here at iHome Kitchens. We love working with Nobilia as the amount of personalisation we can offer our customers is industry leading. From time to time they do introduce products that solve an obvious problem and you think “why has no-one done this before” but every now and then they do come up with products that are either way ahead of the curve and perhaps are about to start a trend, or perhaps the problem is not as big in the UK as over in Europe?

Take the electric fold away slicer drawer for example. The accessories range offers many ingenious solutions throughout the kitchen to make life easier and now, for those that have wondered why it hasn’t existed till now  the electric all-purpose slicer for drawer widths starting at 500 mm is here! 

Nobilia German Kitchens Electric drawer slicerThe all-purpose slicer can simply be folded away into the drawer for space-saving storage for those people who need their bread or bratwurst sliced to perfection but don’t want the headache of having to put their electric slicer in the cupboard after use. Truly the best thing since non electrically sliced bread to happen in the World of kitchen accessories and we would recommend one of Nobilia’s drawer organisers underneath to collect the crumbs!

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