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Nobilia Touch 335 Savannah Super Matt German Kitchen

Nobilia Touch 335 Savannah Super Matt

Nobilia Touch 335 Savannah Super Matt is German made kitchen available from iHome Kitchens in Buckinghamshire, shown here with Paladina Marble decors and matching carcase colours the overall finish is one of harmonious warmth and character.

Gentle colours from nature are a perfect fit for those who prefer a more subtle look. Combined with natural-look wood finishes, these colours are in line with on- going trends in interior design. Even in urban surroundings, they bring a certain natural flair to any home, and create a relaxed atmosphere in rooms.

335 Savannah Super Matt

Above Details include:

  1. The shapely Summilux island cooker hood can be controlled via remote control – marvelously practical.
  2. Stainless steel support legs are also available with integrated sockets, extremely practical for electrical connection of kitchen appliances, tablets, etc.
  3. The peninsular unit is an ideal room divider with storage space on both sides as well as a table feature for small families.
  4. The glass cabinet Boulevard also effectively showcases your most beautiful collectibles.
  5. The sink pull-out unit is not only equipped with a convenient triple waste separation system, but also incorporates the Deposito light organising system with an added storage feature beneath the panel.
  6. Recess panels offer totally individualised design options, shown here in Savannah.

Also available in Alpine White Supermatt (332), Slate Grey Supermatt (334), Ivory Supermatt (336) and Satin Grey Supermatt, Aqua Supermatt (337), Black Superman (340) and Savannah supermatt / Ontario oak Mix (898).

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