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Nobilia Kitchens SYLT 847 Honed Alpine White

Nobilia Kitchens SYLT 847 Honed Alpine White

Nobilia Kitchens SYLT 847 Honed Alpine White is German made kitchen available from iHome Kitchens in Buckinghamshire that combines classic looks with the very modern kitchen furniture that Nobilia has to offer.

SYLT is a standalone door style from Nobilia that gives todays home owner a perfect combination of the classic charm that exudes from the classic English Shaker style but with all of the modern attentions to detail and ergonomics that you would expect from one of the leading brands of German kitchens.

The name for this standalone door comes from the northernmost German island of Sylt which is referred to as the Queen of the North Sea and belongs to part of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park.

When shown in a classic setting (above & below) Nobilia SYLT is very much at home as the Honed Alpine White is the perfect neutral tone to create a suitable foundation for the rest of the kitchen. One which won’t clash with other colour choices as shown here with the lively backsplash.

However, as you can see from the above photo, the beauty about the Nobilia Kitchens SYLT 847 Honed Alpine White is that it is so versatile. With elements of classic and contemporary styling only subtle changes are needed in the design stages which allow SYLT to work in either setting with ease and just changing the lighting, adding more darkened glass panels and metallic edging and a darker colour to the wall coverings Nobilia SYLT has been transformed from a classic shaker to a modern shaker.

Nobilia SYLT is also available in Honed Black (851) and Honed Ivory (849).

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