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Nobilia Kitchens – Cottage 936 Nautical Pine Reproduction

Nobilia Kitchens - Cottage 936 Nautical Pine

Nobilia Kitchens are well known for the modern and contemporary German made kitchens that they are were styles like gloss, handle-less, and even real glass door frontals are in high demand from the UK homeowner but Nobilia Cottage something different altogether…

The Nobilia Cottage design features finishes such as White and Ivory plus the new additions to the range in textured wood reproductions of Virginia Oak, Sanremo Oak, and as shown here, Nautical Pine.

The new textured finishes (a Scandinavian influence) are a proven hit with the German kitchen buying public at home and abroad when paired with the design characteristics of the Cottage door style what you get is a very modern shaker style kitchen.

If you are in the market for a new kitchen and you would like modern furniture, clever design and attentions to detail but prefer a more classic appearance then with Nobilia Cottage you can have best of both world as whilst the outward appearance is classically inspired, the furniture underneath is 100% pure modern German ergonomics and an engineered approach to a tee.

In the Cottage 936 Nautical Pine example shown here it is worth noting the full width Stainless Steel Railing handles that add a touch of class to the finished design, and the Alpine White worktops, and decorative panels, which are also Nobilia supplied.

At iHome Interiors we tailor our designs around our customers specific preferences and needs to design and fit the perfect bespoke solution for each customer.

If you are interested in Nobilia kitchens, perhaps how we can make Nobilia Cottage work for or any other of the kitchens we design, supply and install we operate across Buckinghamshire, London, Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Hertfordshire.

Simply get in touch, and one of our design team will be glad to help…

German made Nobilia kitchens