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Nobilia German Kitchens – Ergonomics and Posture


Nobilia German Kitchen Ergonomics. Who wouldn’t want a kitchen that makes the daily work routine as comfortable as possible and which uses the latest state-of-the-art technology? Here you will find everything you need to simplify your work in the kitchen while taking it easy on your back. Important here: This kitchen was essentially designed in accordance with ergonomic principles. Among these are: minimising legwork and adapting the working heights to the kitchen users as well as the installation of household appliances at accessible heights. Your speciality retailer would be glad to advise you.

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A well-thought out – ergonomically planned kitchen is one principle of kitchen design we pay particular attention to and these following points are just some of the things we consider when planning a kitchen for our customers. This ergonomic approach makes your daily kitchen work more relaxed and is easier on your back in the longterm…

The working height that is just right for you

In determining the correct working height for the individual activities performed in the kitchen, it is the placement of the elbow, not the physical height of the person, that should be the decisive factor.

Plan the sink bottom

The actual activity surface area in a sink is the sink bottom. This is where the items being washed, be they salad or dishes are and it is important to factor this into the design ergonomics. Optimally the motto of the sink should lie 10 to 15cm below elbow height and as such this will ensure that the pressure is taken off the spine when using the sink.

Observe your ‘active’ heights

The standard kitchen carcase height of 720mm is mainly intended for kitchen food preparation. This active height corresponds – depending on plinth height – to the normal posture of the average size person.

Active Height for Cooking

The actual ‘active’ height for cooking is the top edge of an average sized cooking pot on the hot plate or hob as this is the point at which we tend to lean in to stir the pot, move the pot from the hob/stove and as such emphasis should be placed on ensuring a smooth motion , ease of use, and alleviating the pressure on the spine.

Optimally the carcase in mini height lies approx 25cm below elbow height and this guarantees relaxed cooking and the shoulder and arm are not over extended.

Sufficient Headroom

Wall units with folding doors offer a great overview of the contents and are freely accessible, since no open doors are in the way. The new generation of cooker hoods also ensure maximum headroom, even for taller people due to the ergonomic design producing a slanted extraction surface of the hood.

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To take advantage of our Free Design Planning service, and to explore the full potential of Nobilia for your next kitchen simply request a brochure and/or book a design visit and one of our team will be in touch right away…