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Nobilia German Kitchens Storage Solutions

Nobilia German Kitchens and Storage Solutions

Nobilia Storage Solutions are as ergonomic as they are good looking and anyone with experience of a modern German kitchen will tell you many good things about them, why they would stick with Nobilia and German kitchens and why they are a favourite for the UK homeowner.

From sleek contemporary designs from the synonymous white gloss handle-less kitchen that started the UK love affair of german kitchens off to the current trends of urban and industrial infusions or earthy and natural tones and textures.

Others will complement the attentions to detail and well thought out ergonomic furniture that has been expertly engineered and built to a very high standard and then there is the clever storage solutions and high degrees of personalisation and customisation that enable a modern German kitchen to truly reflect not just the visual preferences but the daily needs of modern life in a perfect balance of form and function.

So with all this attention to detail it will come as no surprise to learn that along with so much choice in colours and textures to the door and drawer fronts and also the carcases, plinths, decorative panels and so on, that this high degree of personalisation isnt limited to just the visuals, but being typically Germanic, Nobilia offer this level of choice in how you use your drawers!

As the following images attest, (and this list isnt exhaustive) with Nobilia Kitchen furniture you can arrange your drawers how ever you may like.

Nobilis German Kitchens by iHome of Marlow

Nobilis German Kitchens by iHome of Marlow

Whilst on first reflection by most British homeowners this may seem like Nobilia over-engineering a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist but when you think about it, what this level of detail and personalisation offers you is the chance to engage with your iHome interiors kitchen designer and truly think about how you use your kitchen.

German Kitchen Ergonomics

With Nobilia Storage Solutions drawer inserts the old saying ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’ truly takes on meaning as you can now plan for how you really want to use your kitchen.

Rather than have messy drawers, use the inserts to give everything in your kitchen a place.

Have your kitchen work for you, not the other way around. For example have food prep knives and such near to where you intend to do the actual food preparation, and think about it beforehand and not just as an afterthought.

It may seem obvious now but it is these small details when planning a kitchen, which is an exciting time, that can get lost and make way for the larger headaches such as where to put the wine cooler! However, by looking through the full Nobilia planning materials with iHome you can get some true inspiration and ideas to make your next kitchen the perfect kitchen.

iHome Kitchens & Interiors design and install a stunning range of English Made and Nobilia German kitchens across Buckinghamshire, London, Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Hertfordshire and can advise on the best Nobilia Storage Solutions for your needs and budget.

To find out more about Nobilia Storage Solutions for German Kitchens by iHome of Marlow, order a brochure, or request a Design Visit please feel free to contact us by phone, email or the website and if you would like to see a selection of the vast number of kitchen projects and installations we designed to date please see our Portfolio.


Nobilia German Kitchens – Designed by iHome Interiors – Made in Germany