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House Beautiful Kitchen design trends for 2018

Nobilia German Kitchens - Colour Concepts

Whether your current kitchen layout needs renovating, perhaps you are planning a whole new direction or you simply want to refresh a tired colour scheme, according to House Beautiful, Kitchen design trends for 2018 is all about timber veneers, colour contrasting, texture plus the continued rise of metallics and the ongoing industrial chic look.

House Beautiful Kitchen design trends for 2018

Whilst at iHome Interiors we have a range of English Made furniture and German Kitchens from Nobilia that fit into the modern and contemporary category it is Nobilia Kitchens that have embraced the industrial look and metallics more so. As  such Nobilia offers the modern homeowner and ourselves as kitchen designers, some real food for thought in designing and crafting the ideal look in your home.

Ergonomics and Colour Matching

Whilst we associate bespoke looks with character and charm when it comes to the more contemporary look were you are trying to cultivate a theme, say with metallics, wood veneers or colours you can source your furniture from multiple sources but one downside of this when it comes to something as large a project as the kitchen is that multiple sources for differing items will produce different tones and textures of the same colour choice. One companies, ‘bronze’ or ‘concrete’ will differ to the next but with Nobilia, you have a plethora of options to choose from, safe in the knowledge that when you chose ‘slate grey’ for your kitchen cabinet and drawer fronts that if you want a bench style dinning table or you want some wall cladding, that the colours will match.

iHome Kitchens - Colour Concept Nobilia House Beautiful Kitchen design trends for 2018 As the above photos above show for our Nobilia customer in Marlow, by adding just the small amount of Green that we did you can transform the finished kitchen considerably with little touches like sink drainers, utensils and tea/coffee/sugar jars also in the lime green to match the backsplash and painted surfaces such as the window.

Wood Decors

According to House Beautiful the use of natural unpolished timbers and attractive veneers are on the rise in 2018 with homeowners more mindful about use of these natural and natural looking materials and as such we’re likely to see an increase in the use of such characterful materials as they go a long way to add texture and intrigue to the kitchen.

House Beautiful Kitchen design trends for 2018

Just as the Lime Green colour accents did to the all white kitchen earlier the all white Nobilia kitchen in this project we did in Marlow Buckinghamshire also just goes to show that even with something as powerful as an all white kitchen, just adding a wood texture to the worktops and the kitchen table is even to dramatically change the kitchen and add a deeper sense of character.

Marble, Faux Marble and Stone Worktops

Also according to House Beautiful the latest materials we are seeing a surge in when it comes to kitchen worktops is Neolith and Unistone.

Neolith is a man made stone made using Ultra Sintered Technology and it is a fusion of what is known as a Ceramic and Porcelain mixed with quartz, feldspar, glass and silica which is super-heated and ultra-compressed to produce an extremely durable stone work surface. Neolith is a leading manufacturer of this type of worktop

Unistone is a man made compound stone made of 93% quartz, which makes the material extremely hard and resistant and the surface of the material is anti-bacterial, so it does not stimulate bacterial growth. It also has a non-porous characteristic which fights stains produced by vinegar, wine, and other strong stains making it one of the most durable and hard wearing work surface products available.

House Beautiful Kitchen design trends for 2018

In the above customer project we used Nobilia Touch Supermatt with Unistone Carrara Venatino Worktops for our customer in Watford. The work surface is simply stunning and becomes a key design component in the overall look and aesthetic without overpowering and we can attest to its strength and durability as it took several people to carry each section.

Whatever materials you choose the Design Team at iHome Interiors are on hand to advise and guide you through the process to get the dream kitchen you desire, and deserve….

iHome design, supply and install across Buckinghamshire, London, Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Hertfordshire and we offer a FREE HOME DESIGN SERVICE.

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